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The challenge factor is high right from the beginning, with lots of fast-paced levels strewn with enemies, rdiver cannons, giant impaling screws, loads of soaring platforms, and huge burgers you can stack. So you'll likely need a good six or seven hours to plow through the entire single-player experience, which is pretty good value for a 10 game.

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It's a shame, then, that Unlimited Cruise's overall story is utterly forgettable, with Luffy and crew exploring islands and overcoming ordeals (read: bosses styled on classic One Piece enemies) with the promise of "a present" at the end of it.

They're accompanied by Gabri, an unusual creature who exists to eat items and convert them into points, which are required to unlock routes and progress between bosses.

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Kencove post driver whole shooter gameplay has a great arcade style reminiscent of classics like Painkiller, as you need to constantly keep moving and shooting in order to maintain or increase the combo. In order to make the experience even more simple, Techland has implemented two other gameplay modes besides the actual story, in the form of Arcade, drivfr basically challenges players to go through completed levels kencove post driver order to score the fastest time or combo, and the Duels, which offers different standoffs.